Location Routes?

We are on a mission to make filming “on the move” easier but also safer for all productions, suppliers and crew.

We offer a Location Library of suitable film friendly driving routes whether you require filming using an A-Frame, Low Loader or U-Crane (that require a fully controllable road).

Established by Location Manager & Scout – Oliver Laurenson-Gore in 2022, he has worked on several different productions needing filming on roads including road trip based feature film “PIRATES”. He quickly found that there was no “go-to” locations library of suitable roads for filming.

We provide dash cam footage for all routes (front & rear views plus also day or night versions) with trailers on our website. We can advise and support Locations & Productions team through our consultancy services with planning and paperwork.

Our aim is to raise the awareness of safety when filming “on the move”. We are training locations & productions team through our courses and supporting freelance crew via our Talent Agency.

Location Library

Location Library of both urban and rural driving routes for filming throughout the UK. We also have some more specific routes like tree-lined roads, bridges and roads with laybys

Talent Agency

Can’t find Location or Production Crew for your production? Need representation to take your career to the next level? We match crew to productions through our agency service.


We write about filming on location within the Film & TV industry. Posts range from useful insights and advice on filming on the move to topical issues and debates in the wider industry.


Group & bespoke training for Location & Production crew interested in knowing more about “filming on the move”.

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