Film "on the move"

We are on a mission to make filming “on the move” easier but also safer for all productions, suppliers and crew.

Established by Location Manager & Scout – Oliver Laurenson-Gore in 2022, he has worked on several different productions needing filming on roads including road trip based feature film “PIRATES”. He quickly found that there was no “go-to” locations library of suitable roads for filming.

We offer a Location Library of suitable film friendly driving routes and controllable roads whether you require filming using an A-Frame, Low Loader or U-Crane (that require a fully controllable road). We also have a number of driveways, car parks and other controllable areas within our library. You can register your property today with us.


We provide dash cam footage for all routes (front & rear views plus also day or night versions) with trailers on our website. We can advise and support Locations & Productions team through our consultancy services with planning and paperwork. We can now offer traffic management services through our highly experienced partner with over 23 years of experience.

Our aim is to raise the awareness of safety when filming “on the move”. We also training locations & productions team through our courses and supporting freelance crew across the UK via our Talent Agency & Resources Page.



Offering Location and Production teams roads that can be filmed on using limited or no road control and with a suitable rigging base. Ideal for low-loaders or A-frames, we have both urban and rural driving routes for filming throughout the UK with more specific routes with tree-lined roads, bridges and


Established in February 2022 after own experience of working on “PIRATES” (BFI/BBC Films) back in 2019/20. Oliver often found from his own experience that it was challenging to show directors and other creatives involved suitable roads without recording the route.

Controllable Roads

We have a number of sections of controllable roads for filming. Productions often need semi or fully controllable roads, particularly for any more complex driving sequenses including stunt sequences. Don’t forget we can also provide Traffic Management Services.

Private Driveways

We offer private driveways suitable for filming or rigging and tech parking. Some owners are open to filming inside their properties. We are always looking for new locations so please do register your property with us.

Car Parks

We offer car park suitable for filming, rigging or tech parking. All of our car parks are privately owned with quicker turnaround times than council owned.  

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Traffic Management Services

From Stop Works/Holds to Full Road Closures – we can provide a fully bespoke service for your production, from CAD & RAMS to filming day delivery. We can also advise on more complicated filming, including rolling closures.