We are striving to improve the training provision and experience of filming “on the move”. All of these are non-accredited courses currently but offer insight and knowledge sharing that Locations, Production and wider crew members may find useful. Some of these courses will be delivered online or in person.


Join our Talent Agency

Join our talent agency and get represented. You will instantly join a network of like-minded locations & production crew. We provide you with an online platform to share and download your CV.  Additional mentoring sessions avaliable. From as little as £20.00 for an online listing!


Unit Management Network

Are you a Unit Manager, Assistant Unit Manager or Unit Assistant?….Join and recieve training, online resources and network with those working in the Film & TV industry. Membership is £70.00 (for Unit Managers) to £35.00 (for assistants & marshalls) per year.

Online Masterclass

Developing an online profile for Film & TV crew

Online profiles are really important (just like a CV) for crew. From social media to online crew listings & profiles – we will take you through how to set up, manage and set an action plan of getting your name more visable online. 1 to 1 or group sessions.

Online Course

Film Permit or Not? Course

This online course will take you through when a film permit is needed or not. We will cover the basics of when to contact a film office in regards to filming in parks, streets and residentual areas.  This course is particularly aimed at small productions including unscripted, commercials & students.

Online Course

Understanding of filming “on the move” Course

Learn more about filming “on the move” in this 1 hour course. See examples of scenes from TV Shows & Feature Films and learn about the types of tracking vehicles and camera angles. Course led by Oliver Laurenson-Gore (Location Manager & Scout). More dates coming soon – register your interest. 

Advanced Course

Planning & managing filming “on the move” Course

This course will go through the planning  and the managing of  filming “on the move”. It will cover aspects of a script, paperwork and plans required plus managing a successful filming location including the importance of a rigging base and working with a traffic management company.

Online Course

Introduction to Location Management Course

This course will take you through the roles and responsibilities of a Locations Team withing Film & TV.  You will learn everything from the scouting process in pre-production to the roles and tasks that are required during and after filming.

Online Course

Introduction to Unit Management Team

A 1 hour online course covers an introduction of the roles & responsibilites of a Unit Team within Film & TV. Course covers how to find and layout a good unit & tech base and what technical vehicles to expect. Next course coming soon!

Online Course

Unit Kit Masterclass

Learn from an experienced Unit Manager about the types of kit needed for Film & TV. This includes bowsers, generators, lighting, fuel & waste management. Get some useful tips in order to create your own unit kit list and suppliers. Next course coming soon!

Online Course

Unit Manager Toolkit

This online course will go into the detail of the paperwork, movement orders (for crew, departments & suppliers), schedules and budgeting of a Unit Department within Film & TV. We will provide you with ready-made templates for you to use. Next course coming soon!

Blue Week - Free & Online

Previous Events: Blue Week

Each January, we host a week long programme of events to blow away the January Blues (around Blue Monday). 2023 was our first programme. Email us if you want to find out about our plans first for 2024! Email: [email protected]