We are striving to improve the training provision and experience of filming “on the move”. All of these are non-accredited courses currently but offer insight and knowledge sharing that Locations, Production and wider crew members may find useful. Some of these courses will be delivered online or in person.

Online Course

Understanding of filming “on the move”– FREE Online Course (Saturday 3rd December 11am – 12noon)

This one-off course will look at examples of “on the move” scenes from TV Shows & Feature Films. You will learn about the types of tracking vehicles and camera angles. This course will take place online on Saturday 3rd December 2022 (11am – 12noon).

Intermediate Course

Managing of filming “on the move”– Intermediate Course aimed at Location Assistants & Assistant Location Managers

This course will go through how to manage “filming on the move” locations from the set up of a rigging base, understanding of lock-offs over radios and hints and tips on managing a successful day of filming on roads. It will also cover the different forms of traffic management controls

Advanced Course

Planning and leading a route – Advanced Course aimed at Senior Production and Location Crew (including Location Scouts)

This course will take you through understanding a script and what “on the move” requirements are scripted. This will go from planning a route and drafting paperwork, finding a rigging base and also working with a traffic management company, This course will sometimes be delivered with the intermediate course and

Practical Course

Scouting for suitable “filming on the move” roads

This practical course will be delivered in an area of choice and course attendees will have to find suitable roads nearby to meet the creative brief.

Practical Course

Meet the Supplier

Opportunity to meet a supplier of “on the move” equipment. Learn more about their services, and what they are likely to require in advance and on the day of filming.