We are a UK Film & TV Agency specialising in “on the move” filming. This ranges from a routes library of film-friendly driving routes, consultancy services, training and a talent agency service.

For each route through our library, we offer 4K dash cam footage (front & rear footage in day and night views), a digital map and supporting documents for the locations team on the day.

We are innovating the way in which we scout for “on the move” locations. We hope to also increase the training offered & level of knowledge in this area among film crew

Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Manager & Scout set up Location Routes in early 2022 after his experience of working on PIRATES (BFI/BBC Films) back in 2019 & 2020. This roadtrip from North to Central London involving a car being the central aspect of the film. made him understand the challenges of “filming on the move”.

He often found from his own experience that it was challenging to show Directors and other creatives involved suitable roads without recording the route. There was also a number of times in his career that he had to change the route last minute which has caused additional stress and wasted shooting time.

Why offer this service and is it needed?

Think of how many Film & TV shows that have any form of vehicles driving or stunt scenes on roads…it’s most shows!

Roads are getting more difficult to find with more lane reduction programmes and cycle lanes in cities and towns across the UK. Location Managers are being asked to find more locations than ever before in tighter turnaround times. Location Routes is here to help!

How our Routes Library works?

Our Routes Library is a searchable library of possible routes across the UK. We provide a short trailer and rough location of the route. To purchase the route you will need to email or call us. Please read our terms & conditions before purchasing any route. Library Routes cost from £350.00 (inclusive of VAT) per route.

We can also provide sections of roads that are partly or fully controllable for any brief.

If you can’t find a route that this suitable for your production or not in the area you are work – we can offer scouting & consultancy to create a route suitable for your productions needs.

What else do you offer?

We offer training for all levels of locations & production crew. Over the past few years, a number of crew have stepped up quicker than ever before. We provide training what is  “filming on the move” and how to manage it for locations & production crew.

We also run a Talent Agency Service. We are a very small and niche agency supporting location & production freelancers and self-employed as we understand these roles from our own experience.

We are a new company and would love your support in sharing our Company Flyer to your colleagues, friends and peers!

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