Top 20 items to bring on your first day working in Locations Department (Part 1)

Our first of two blogs (coming later this month) are about Top 20 items to bring is very weather and survival orientated. This is mainly due to the nature of our role which involves working on the move and most of the time outside.

This list is very much for location marshalls and assistants starting out (plus also Floor Runners) and not for more senior roles whom probably need a lot more – including a laptop to hand. Enjoy the first part below;

  1. Have a spare charger or battery pack for your phone

Is your phone really going to survive 10+ hours on the go with looking for directions, taking calls and messaging?…always have a spare in your bag!

  1. Bring a cap or hat (for all types of weather)

We work outside a lot – don’t be left short with being too hot or cold.

  1. Pack some suncream or some heat packs (for all types of weather)

OK so the medic might have some, but don’t rely on it if you are with a prep or strike team.

  1. Have a spare set of shoes, boots or wellies in your car

Sometimes you will not know where you will working  – defiantly if you are asked to letterdrop or scout.

  1. Bring a reusable mug and water bottle

Often productions now working towards ALBERT don’t supply cups or bottles. There should be always water available on set or in the production office.

  1. Always have a raincoat and waterproof trousers nearby

Again, working outdoors and in the British Weather you never know when you might need them. Invest in a good raincoat (and boots) will help your overall motivation on a long filming day or night.

  1. Pack a High-Vis jacket

Again outdoors and potentially in public areas – its really useful to have one of these. You never know when you will need it!

  1. Have a spare blanket & travel pillow

Again, sometimes you don’t know where you will end up and what time you will finish. It’s always better to take a break if you feel tired before any drive home.

  1. Have some form of ID on you (if you can) or create your own business cards

I have always found it handy when scouting or having to proof of ID to venues and meeting the public.  It building trust instantly. Sometimes you get given ID by productions (particularly since COVID). Business Cards maybe super old school, however having a business card is really hand – not only to give to those you met on set but also when meeting members of the public. Keep it simple with details you are happy to share.

  1. Have a first aid kit in our car or bag

This is up to you, but I always have a first aid kit with a couple of plasters, wipes and paracetamol in the car or in my bag. You never know when it could come in handy!

Tell us what you think of our first Top 10 items that you should always carry around (or leave in the car). These are only recommendations and are a starting point. ScreenSkills and Film & TV Charity do offer bursaries for some of the items mentioned in this blog (if you are struggling to afford the kit you need).

Look forward to giving you the second part of our Top 20 items to take on your first day working in a locations department.

Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Manager & Scout

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