Spotlight on Manchester

Manchester is booming with filming right now. During March 2024, Oliver (Founder, Location Manager & Scout) went to capture some new routes (and had time to do a tour of Old Trafford). Here are a few your should have a look at if you are looking to film in the city soon;

Controllable Sections of Roads

MA104: Northern Quarter Road A

MA105: Northern Quarter Road B

MA102: Brick Road

MA109: Past Power

Footpaths & Bridges 

MA101: Bloom Park

MA100: Didsbury Footpath

MA108: White Bridge

If you are looking for filming routes, controllable sections or roads, footpaths or bridges then let us know and we can support you and your production.

Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Manager & Scout

Tel: 020 4524 6399

Email: [email protected]