Developing an online & offline profile for freelancers

Freelancing and being self-employed is hard and unpredicatble at times. At this time of year (winter months) when things are generally quiter, it is the perfect opportunity to build your own profile both online and offline.

As I do mentoring myself for a number of freelancers within the industry, I thought it would be helpful to put together some useful advise and tips to get through these next winter months;

1.      Think about your online profile – how are people going to remember you? – get listed on Google! We run an online profile workshop through our training programme.

2.      Attend networking and FREE events – Just attending online events (that we have all become too familar with) is not always the best way to get known. Word of Mouth and recommendations are always going to go a long way within the Film & TV industry.

3.      Order some business cards – (OK it’s a bit old school) but it really helped me when I first started as a freelancer. I used Mini business cards from MOO (100 cards for £13.00). They have ready-made standard designs you can choose from. Make sure you have a telephone number, simple email address and your name on it. I also put a general job role at the time “Location Department Crew” as I didn’t know what job role I wanted or was aiming for at the time and it doesn’t “date” your printed cards.

4.      Join a Union or Guild – BECTU are a union whom represent freelance crew within the Film & TV industry (from as little as £10.00 per month). Within the London Region there are over 300+ Location Crew members. Production Guild & Location Managers Guild International are also worth looking at.

5.      Get a mentor or join an agency – maybe approach someone you have worked with in the past year (I know this can be daunting) or apply to get allocated with a mentor through ScreenSkills.

We (Location Routes) offer a talent agecny service for location & production crew. Apply HERE. Sara Putt Associates also run a trainee scheme which is open for applicants currently until mid January 2023.

Don’t forget….

Reach out for help – Film & TV Charity have a 24/7 helpline 0800 054 0000 or a Live ChatThey also have a number of grants for those in need – don’t be afraid to ask.

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