What’s the Green Room?

What’s the green room you ask?….

….Well in filming terms it’s a place for cast to hang out between takes but for us at Location Routes it’s about providing a space for Locations, Production & Assistant Directors to chat, share and learn from each other in a safe space away from set. With the support of our team we share opportunties, templates and advice to members. We don’t take any commission or cut from you work – it’s simly a membership fee per year from £30.00!

We think this is great value for money and other organisations are charging much more for a lot less. We are growing our Talent Crew organically but each member will still get a listing on our website to put on their CV and productions and other crew can download their CV onto our website.

Join our Green Room

Oliver Laurenson-Gore

Founder, Location Manager & Scout

Email: [email protected]