Introducing our Talent Agency…

Over the past few months, we have been enrolling the very best Locations & Production Crew within TV Drama & Feature Films onto our Talent Agency Service. The crew we represent work some of the longest hours within the industry.

At Location Routes, we are here to support them through the highs & lows of working within the industry. Only last week, Oliver caught up with Lucy in Tring for lunch before her night shoot.

The reason why we decided to launch a talent agency service, was we felt a number of highly talented freelance & self-employed crew were not being represented and profiled by other agencies. Oliver has worked with most (if not everyone) we are now representing.

We will represent everyone from Location Assistants to Supervising Location Managers and Production Assistants to Line Producers. We will also represent those who work in a Studio role.

Introducing our first cohort of crew;

Charles George has in the past year stepped up to Location Manager on a number of projects and is currently working in Ireland.

Lauren Wilkinson has returned to the industry having taken a year out and has returned stepping up to Assistant Location Manager.

Scott James since leaving the British Army has worked on MAGIC MIKE 3 & Amazon Prime Show JUNGLE as a Location Assistant.

Dan Vye has worked in the past year as a Location Assistant on AGATHA RAISIN (BBC) and is now scouting.

Lucy Beecham from South Wales, has gone from a Location Marshall to now working on a APPLE+ SHOW as a Location Assistant.

Johnathan Aldrich has recently taken on a role in a Post Production House having worked on a APPLE+ SHOW as a Studio Secretary.

Steve Wastell in the past year has gone from a mechanic to a Unit Assistant and is now working on a Paramount+ show.

I hope this provides a great insight into some of the crew we represent. Over the coming months, we will celebrate the projects they have worked on through our social media channels.

If you are a Line Producer or Production Manager and looking to recruit Locations or Production Crew, then please look no further than our talent agency service.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day (2nd November 2022) – we work in a highly pressured industry – take time to step away and relax!

Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Manager & Scout

Tel: 07845 699110 / 020 4524 6399

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