Top 20 items to bring on your first day working in Locations Department (Part 2)

Our second of two blogs are about Top 20 items to bring is very weather and survival orientated. This is mainly due to the nature of our role which involves working on the move and most of the time outside. If you missed the first part of the blog it is available here 

This list is very much for location marshalls and assistants starting out (plus also Floor Runners) and not for more senior roles whom probably need a lot more – including a laptop to hand. Enjoy the first part below;

  1. A good torch, possibly a head torch. Really useful for dimly lit interiors, early starts and late finishes.
  2. Spare socks – nothing worse than damp cold feet with another 6 hours to go of being outside!
  3. Local OS maps – the Internet isn’t perfect.
  4. Spare clothing appropriate to the location and weather.
  5. Pocket notebook & pen. You’ll learn as you go along, so make notes.
  6. Multi-tool, eg a leatherman or Swiss Army knife Invaluable
  7. Snacks to keep you going. It can feel a long haul til lunchtime!
  8. Hand warmers – how do these work?
  9. Foot warmers – erm same question?!
  10. Thick work type gloves, incredibly useful for litter picking!

Good Luck with your first day on Location! We would love to here how you got on and whether this blog was useful.

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