CASE STUDY: The Burning Girls (Paramount+)

From drones, car mounts and low loaders – this opening sequence has it all. This opening series of shots were filmed across multiple villages in Sussex and rural areas of Buckinghamshire.

Location Routes worked with Director, Charles Martin whom described this scene “as a mini-film in itself”. We worked with multiple land owners including Goodwood Estates, private owners, film offices and parish councils to make this 1 minute, 14 seconds opening to “The Burning Girls” now available on Paramount+.

This driving sequence featuring lead characters Rev Jack Brooks (played by Samantha Morton) and her daughter Flo (played by Ruby Stokes) set the tone of the story.  This is a mother and daughter arriving at this new village and making a fresh start but we get the instant option that this is not a welcoming village.

The actual filming of these scenes involved multiple traffic management (temporary holds), but also dressing of buildings (like the jumble sale sign), positioning of tractors, supporting artists and fake dead roadkill!

We made sure that the Charlies Martin (Director) and Dale McCreedy (Director of Photography) were happy with the routes by showing them the footage that we captured of all parts of the route before reccing (as part of the scouting process). This helped to speed up the process of locking down locations and giving us enough time to get traffic management approved, paperwork completed and crew onboard.

We are really proud with how this has turned out as a complete scene and we hope you enjoy it too! Thanks to Sussex Film Office & Buckinghamshire Film Office for their support.

View part of the route that is now avaliable on our library;


Breakdown View (SU100)

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