50 links you should know about if you work in Film & TV industry? (Part 1)

Since the start of the SAG-AFTRA strikes, we have been supporting freelance crew through our own talent agency, weekly Good Check Catch Ups and active WhatsApp groups. With school leavers and graduates wanting to enter this industry and potentially with even great skills gaps in the industry, we have put together this comprehensive list of 50 links we think you should know about. This blog will be in two parts – with the first about getting started;



  1. https://www.screenskills.com/ – industry-led skills body for the screen industries – film, television (including children’s, unscripted and high-end), VFX (visual effects), animation and games. Offering training, mentoring and bursaries.


  1. https://www.bfi.org.uk/get-funding-support/bfi-network – BFI NETWORK exists to discover, develop and fund new filmmakers looking to kick-start their career.


  1. https://bfi.docsociety.org/ – BFI Doc Society Fund supports and nurtures independent non-fiction film and immersive projects by UK filmmakers.


  1. https://nfts.co.uk/ – NFTS has been providing the Industry with the next generation of talent for over 50 years.


  1. https://guru.bafta.org/ – BAFTA Guru has lots of free advice, videos and events.



  1. https://www.sharemytellyjob.com/ – an online community for developing better work-life balance for Freelancers.


  1. https://6ftfrom.org/ – the home of mentally healthy production.


  1. https://thegeneratorproject.org/ – measuring progress towards a cleaner future.


  1. https://wearealbert.org/ – ALBERT home of environmental sustainability within the industry.


  1. https://www.mmfonlinetraining.com/ – Mark Milsome Foundation – improving production health & safety.


  1. https://www.solasmind.com/ – Providing Mental Health & Wellbeing services within the industry.


  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thetvmindset/ – TV Mindset Facebook Group


  1. https://tvwatercooler.org/ – Independent freelancer site with information and guidance


  1. https://crewbible.org.uk/ – Free online resources, advice and guidance on starting within the industry.


  1. https://linktr.ee/britcrewstories – Brit Crew Stories – insight into the stories of working in the industry as a freelancer.


  1. https://thetimeproject.co.uk/ – The Time Project is a smart, new way of tracking the hours we work in film and TV.



  1. https://filmtvcharity.org.uk/ – Film & TV Charity – offering 24/7 helpline, support and bursaries.


  1. https://www.bafta.org/supporting-talent/bafta-connect – BAFTA Connect – entry level membership to the organisation.


  1. https://locationmanagers.org/ – Location Managers Guild International that represent Location Managers worldwide.


  1. https://rts.org.uk/ – Royal Television Society an educational charity promoting the art and science of television.


  1. https://www.bfi.org.uk/become-bfi-member – British Film Institute membership with exclusive offers and priority booking to screenings and events.


  1. https://productionguild.com/ – Production Guild of Great Britian – promoting the production crew profession.


  1. https://bectu.org.uk/ – BECTU Union for Industry Freelancers from a range of professions.


  1. https://www.pact.co.uk/ – PACT – supporting independent production and distribution companies.


  1. https://www.equity.org.uk/ – Equity – performing arts and entertainment trade union.


Thanks for reading – don’t forget if you need support with getting into the industry why not take part in our training or join our talent agency.


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