Route 9 – Beaconsfield Loop

Beaconsfield Loop offers long stretches of roads for heavy dialogue scenes in a countryside setting. Route starts from a popular and well used Unit Base. Possible sections of this route are likely to be able to gain road controls. Permissions required from Buckinghamshire Film Office & Thames Valley Police. Don’t forget we can provide your Traffic Management Services 

Route 6 – Brunswick Route

Brunswick Route offers a residential area with long stretches of treelined roads and residential housing. There is some gradient change and railway arches that offer some other interest to this route. Permissions required from Met Film Unit, Barnet Film Office & Enfield Film Office. Don’t forget we can provide your Traffic Management Services 

Route 3 – Finsbury Parade

A route from popular Unit Base – Finsbury Park. This driving route offers distinctive London feel. It does require some advanced planning as the route require permissions from Met Film Unit,  Islington Film Office,Haringey Film Office & TFL Red Routes. Don’t forget we can provide your Traffic Management Services   

Oliver Laurenson-Gore

Oliver trained in Location Management at the National Film & Television School (NFTS), Beaconsfield. He has worked on HETV & Feature Feature Films for the past four years.  Prior to becoming a Location Manager he worked for Resource Productions – a social enterprise in enabling those from underpresented backgrounds to get into the industry. During his time with the company, he was Production Manager for over 15 short & online films producing content for Channel 4 Random Acts and BBC Ideas. He also was involved with the setup of the Berkshire Film Office and worked for FilmFixer (UK’s largest film office in London). Oliver open to job sharing and is co-leading an initative to see more people in the locations […]

Planning Countryside Driving Routes – Things to consider…

We have been planning, filming and managing a number of countryside routes recently. I thought sharing some experience and top tips would be helpful (for those whom are more used to cities and urban environments); Make sure you have a turning point in your section of road (this could either be a wide junction or a loop that returns to your rigging base – why not try a local farm with hardstanding like we did). You will tend to find that country roads go on for miles in one direction so a turning point might be a better option for you. Check the surface of the roads – this may sound silly but a bumpy, loose gravel road may look […]

Ryan Fishwick

  After more than three fulfilling years working in digital advertising, Ryan is transitioning his career to work in the Locations department for film production. He began this process by completing the Film & TV Location Assistant Intensive Training Course with Liverpool Locations. This included training on location department responsibilities, set etiquette, scouting, and practical equipment tutorials, followed by work experience on Hollyoaks. Ryan’s passion for locations began with the Certificate in Filmmaking at NFTS in 2021. Previously, he worked extensively in amateur theatre, managing over thirty shows in various roles, including producer and stage manager. Since 2021, he has worked in digital advertising, running campaigns for BT, EE, Shell and Coca-Cola. This experience developed skills in communication, team management, […]

LD106: Hotel Tunnel

This controllable tunnel near the city centre offers great opportunity and potential for any driving or walking scene for any size production. NB: The tunnel is next to a hotel so nighshoots may not be possible. Permissions from Leeds City Council. Don’t forget we can provide Traffic Management Services.